Data Platform for Hotels

Data Platform is an initiative to improve and enhance data gathering and dissemination among hotels

Is my occupancy better than others in the same city?

How are my competitors pricing their rooms next week?

Am I pricing my rooms too low?

How am I ranked in OTA search compared to my competitors?

What is my market share index?

Is my performance on par with my competitors?

How It Work?

Simple! we collect data from participating hotels on occupancy, room rates, etc. and our AI engine churns it into real time, rich and relevant data dashboard and reports to help you make critical business decisions.


We know you are busy running the hotel so we made it easy. Data submission is done on your mobile device with links sent to you so you don't need to remember IDs and passwords.


You contribute and you gain! Real time mobile friendly dashboard on all the metrics that matters AOR, ARR, RevPAR benchmarking.


All data submitted to MAH Data Platform is encrypted and secure. Confidentiality is guaranteed and only aggregated data is shared with all participating hotels.


MAH Data Platform is free for all MAH Members. FREE access to key data benchmarks and metrics computed on your submitted data. Premium and advanced analytics is totally optional.


All the relevant metrics and info to help you in benchmarking your hotel's performance to competitors and much more in real time on your mobile device.


Benchmark our occupancy rates with similar rated hotels in your city and state.

Room Rates

See what your competitors are charging per room night.

Market Share

See how what your fair share of the market is and how you are performing


Benchmark you RevPar to your competitors in the same area and state.

OTA Pricing

Want to know how your competitors are pricing in the next few weeks?

OTA Search Visibility

Where do you rank in OTA search and how are you rated compared to competitors?

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Start Benefitting from MAH Data Platform

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